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Listen up, I’ve got a secret… You were meant to live an abundant life. So why are you settling?

My approach includes a blend of Holistic Nutrition, Therapy and Eating Disorder Recovery and Fitness services, empowering you to live a life you love (and deserve).

For 14 years I battled a severe eating disorder that kept me stuck and miserable. I never thought change was possible, until I chose to stop settling and start thriving. Today my mission is to empower you do the same.  Quit watching life pass you by, and start experiencing itClick “Read My Story” and watch my CBS interview below to find out how I began Thriving, and how you can too.

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I’m located in Austin, Texas and work with clients both in-person and around the world via phone and Skype. Learn more about my One-on-One services and Programs by clicking on the images below; and don’t forget to check out the latest from the blog. Then, let’s connect! Contact me to schedule a free 30-minute consult to ask questions, dream BIG and see if Thrive is right for you.

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3 Tips for Surfboard Worthy Abs

Thrive popped in to City Surf Austin this week and learned a thing or two about developing a bikini body…and mind. Here’s how to get bikini-worthy abs (and a mindset that is twice as stunning).

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20 Signs You Have a Horrible Relationship with Food

When it comes to relationships, unhealthy relationships can leave you unfulfilled and dissatisfied. Try as you may to “make it work”, there’s no getting around the life-suck any relationship can cause in your life if it is unhealthy (i.e. lack of communication; lack of thoughtfulness for the other; etc.). Similarly, your relationship with food can be just as toxic if you have an unhealthy relationship with your food, your body, and even your fitness. Here are 20 signs you may have an unhealthy relationship with food and may need to think about re-evaluating negative behaviors or mindsets into more positive ones:   Rules dominate your mind. “You can only eat fruit in the morning.” “Nothing after 10 p.m.” “If it so much as touches anything with gluten, it’s unhealthy.”   You cut your body down based on what you eat (or don’t eat). “You are what you eat”—therefore if you ate carbs last night with your dinner, surely that’s why you feel thicker than usual. Or your abs are directly attributed to your ‘self-control’ with the nutbutter—lay off of it for a bit and perhaps you’d see some results. Etc. You are your own worst critic—and your body is directly coorelated to your food.   You prefer to eat alone. Not because you brought your own lunch or you don’t like to be social, but because you feel self-conscious when eating around others.   You think about food—all the time. When’s the next meal or snack? What are you going to have for it? You are going out of town—what are you going to eat there?   You are unable... read more